Spend or Save

We have always struggled between spending and saving. Right from the time, we were young and the first we had our own money to do what we wanted. Should we spend right now or save for later is the question which puzzles us even now. All financial advice is about how we should save and plan for the future. The formula for financial stability is to live within our means and spend less than what we earn. This saving gets invested and gradually becomes our long term financial security. We have always been told to say no to short term goals in favor of long term financial security. Is this correct? The truth seems to be a bit complicated. Finding the balance between spending and saving is very important. There are times when it is better to spend than to save. If your basic needs are met and you have some disposable money, then it is great to spend it on a trip with your loved ones. This is also an investment for tomorrow, maybe a different kind, but equally valuable.

There are some conditions when you can permit yourself to spend. Firstly your basic needs should be covered and currently, you should be not going into debt to sustain you from month to month. You should have an emergency fund to sustain you for 3 to 6 months. Saving for retirement is very important. If you still need to plan for that then it is better to not spend. Always spend on experiences rather than things. Buying memories is more fulfilling than buying things. Also, try some new ways of making money which will help you in finding the balance between spending and saving. Online trading is a good option to make money and that too in a very comfortable manner. This site is an automated trading platform. It has a proven track record. When you are struggling between spending and saving, this program can help you in achieving your financial goal. The decision to spend or save can be made more easily if you knew that you had something to fall back on. It is easy to use and it does not matter if you are new to trading. It will guide you and hold your hand throughout the learning process. Once you become confident, you can take control and do the trading on your own. Spend or save, remember to invest for your future both in money and in memories.