Crypto Currency and the Traditional Exchanges


Cryptocurrencies have come of age, as they have silently been in existence since a decade now, yet the presence of their existence has been facing challenging times. Fiat currencies have been replaced by digital currencies with simple yet highly secure digital coins, the amazing world of crypto exchanges and the currencies that they deal with have been steadily increasing its share in the digital currency markets, it is neither backed by gold, bullion or any asset-backed by underlying value.

The biggest difference between the highly hyped cryptocurrency and fiat currencies is the backing by the central government, and a lot of regulations to be followed, in the cryptocurrency the trust factor is important. The coin currency is limited in supply; learn more about the way trading from the various trading platforms like BTC Profit that trades with currencies in different crypto exchanges. Buying products and services, with a relative store value is a common feature between the fiat and the cryptocurrencies, as they are commonly accepted medium of exchange today.

Why is the Crypto Market highly fluctuating?

  • as the market is still nascent in many exchanges the factor of it being new in the financial markets keep lurking every time a new cryptocurrency comes into existence
  • since many financial markets in the world are still inexperienced in the crypto world, they are unaware or rather do not want to risk in something new that is already creating a lot of waves in the global markets
  • limited liquidity when compared to the traditional medium of exchange has made it still to be an outsider when it comes to mainstream currency and forex dealings in various traditional exchanges
  • the traditional money market is more than a trillion, while all the cryptocurrency included is around $250 billion, creating a huge gap between the virtual and fiat currencies
  • the daily trading volumes of cryptocurrencies are still in the billion marks, whereas the traditional markets record a trillion worth of buy, sell, the spread is huge and the value is also distributed in terms of markets
  • while the crypto markets have been adding on new investors every single day, there are many new developments in the cloud space, that huge corporate have started utilizing in form of currency and tokens that are creating a bigger impact in the parallel economy

The accuracy of the prediction about cryptocurrencies still being new in global markets is slowly adopting these simple and easy ways of trading in global crypto exchanges.